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Terms and Conditions

Delivery and Shipping Terms & Conditions

Delivery Schedule
  • All orders are shipped out on Monday or Tuesday.
  • If an order is placed on Monday or Tuesday it will be shipped out the following week.
  • Orders are only shipped via one or two day transit with UPS.
  • Delivery options at checkout have been formulated to only allow one or two day shipping to your location.
  • We can not expedite when your order is shipped.  We have a strict production and packing schedule that only allows for orders to be shipped on their schedule days.
Risks During Shipment & Delivery
  • All products are individually packed frozen in plastic containers in then shipped in tested tightly packed insulated shipping containers to ensure that baked goods arrive in the best condition possible. 
  • We are not responsible if products shift during transit. 
  • Tops of donuts and cupcakes may hit the top of the container and icing design, garnish or drizzle may become damaged. 
  • Shipping has been extensively tested and the method we use has proven to provide the best results with the least amount of damage. 
  • We do not offer refunds for baked goods that receive damage from shifting in their containers during transit.  
  • Packages need to be accepted and unpacked immediately upon delivery. 
  • We are not responsible for products damaged to being left in the heat or other elements after being delivered.  


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